Thursday, 4 June 2015

Elder Ford and Elder Malinga - update.

Brethren and Sisters,

Hope you have all had a great week, for Elder Malinga and I, this week was terrific as usual. God is making bare His arm in Lilanda, which is pushing us every day to work harder, think better, and to keep on doing what we are doing. The work is tough, hard, but so, so worth it. 

As an apology for not writing last week, here is my rather extravagant and possibly tedious summary of this week:

Tuesday- Normal day at the office, had District Meeting where the District and I set our new goals for this transfer. Our closing prayer was powerful, God confirmed that the goals we had set are achievable, at least to me, but I do have the opportunity to receive revelation for the District...  The rest of the day we worked in the nonsense weather, it's meant to be winter here, but it's still hotter than England on a very very warm summers day. Crazy stuff.

Wednesday- It was Lusaka Leadership Council Wednesday, so I went on exchanges with the Matero District leader, Elder Hiltbrand, (Classy surfer boy from California, he'll marry a beautiful wife...) and we headed into town to the STAKE centre. Powerful meeting- we were discussing about the Zone Conference we would be having on Thursday, and as we would be leading a discussion on "becoming a full purpose missionary", we tried to plan what we wanted to achieve from the meeting, with limited success. We kept going around in circles, back and forth we discussed with no success, until Elder Payne, one of our ZL's, said we should pray for direction. He prayed, and we all felt it. 20 minutes later we had a plan, a goal, and huge smiles. God is great.

Thursday- Zone Conference. Saw the Mission President after a long time, it was truly a wonderful experience. Felt the spirit like I did in the temple, we learned, edified each other, felt love, and renewed our commitments to be full-purpose missionaries and to consecrate ourselves more fully. A great day, coupled with good company, good food, some old faces, and Meet the Mormons to round it off (Such a cliche film, not anywhere near the Singles Ward standard...)

Friday- Had a lot of fall-throughs off the back of the Conference, but pushed for some great lessons where we saw some special people we have been teaching for a while begin to progress nicely. Shomba and Owen, a great family, should be baptised next week Sunday.

Saturday- The Day of Miracles. Just too much to talk about this day, but know that my testimony has been strengthened after what happened on Saturday. God's hastening His work here, and it is awesome to be a part of it.

Sunday-  Sheila's baptism. The best way to round off the week was with a baptism. We've worked with Sheila for around 3 months and she has just got such a great spirit and testimony. She'll be a powerful member, and maybe even a missionary if we can help it... Went to the First Councillor on the Bishopric's house, Brother Muzhinga, and he fed us, which was sweet. (Just a side note, we have been told that we no longer have to wear suits in the Africa Central and Southern missions, so rocked the jersey for the first time on a Sunday, "and it was good.")

This was pretty much the week, full of miracles, experiences, and the spirit, can't ask for much more! Trying to take more photos at the moment but I am becoming a professional grazer, and so, as you'll notice, I am becoming exceedingly large, so don't expect many more of me in the coming months until I work out a way to sort it out ;)

EF x

"Update of me and the companion"

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