About Elder Ford

I absolutely love football, I enjoy playing with friends and watching my favourite team with my dad. I enjoy listening to music, playing computer games, socialising with friends and having a good time. I have had great times attending activities with my best friends from church whilst I was in youth. Me and the Dream Team would have all sorts of adventures covering the length and breadth of England travelling to dances and activities. I'm really interested in writing and love to write in my spare time, taking subjects like English, History and Political Studies at college. I would love to put these skills to use in the future by becoming a sports reporter. I am currently preparing to serve a full time mission for the church in Durban, South Africa and am honoured to be able to fulfil this obligation to the Lord. I am excited to be able to learn of new cultures, nations, and spend time spreading the joy of the gospel to people of such a beautiful land. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family that have brought me up in this gospel and have supported me in my decision to serve a mission.

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