Monday, 15 June 2015



So, this week has been one of the best since I came on mission, but as a result I am just completely spent. All energy is gone, I think tonight I'll take an early night... Well deserved by the whole district to be honest!

This week we baptised Owen! It was magical- the spirit was there, I didn't mess up the baptism, and despite it being the middle of the Zambian winter, the water was still hotter than most of the swimming pools in England... The Zambians were complaining that it was cold though, crazy. 

Shepherd, George, John and Catherine Mashakalati were also all baptised which was a miracle as they've been taught for the past year with no success, but as we've worked with them and loved them, their desire grew, and finally it happened yesterday! Even the Mission President and his wife paid us an unexpected visit, which put the pressure on as I was confirming Sheila. I don't usually feel pressure, but I was bricking it yesterday... Luckily it all went well.

This week transfers are coming around again, 5 transfers in a row have put me as odds on favourite to receive the call, but both Elder Shai and Collins follow closely behind with 4 transfers a piece, giving themselves a very strong possibility also. The least likely outcome is a transfer for Elder Malinga, the dark horse with only 3 transfers behind him. Odds of a District whitewash are almost nil, practically guaranteeing that someone will be remaining for the next 6 weeks. Bookies highest outcome is a one-a-piece switch with Ford and Shai being replaced, leaving the reins of Lilanda behind to Collins and Malinga, with the possibility of one training with the other replacing Ford as DL. 

Anyways, before my fantasies become a reality, I am truly grateful for the miracles we witnessed this week, far too many to mention, but all very, very special to each one of us. I'm so thankful for you all and the support you give to me, time is flying right now, I can barely remember which day it is, but I am so blessed to be in Zambia right now.

God bless, till next week,

EF x

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