Monday, 18 May 2015

Chinese Ndyio

Just a quick one today!
I hope this week has been fantastic, for me it's been tiring, hard, but so great.
We taught an insane amount of lessons, we found some amazingly prepared people as usual, and we saw mighty miracles, showing us that the Lord's hand is in the work. I never get tired of seeing miracles...
This week is going to be even better, not having zone meeting or any other distractions, some pure solid work will get done, so this time next week I'll hardly be able to stand!
The photos this week are of the Banda's children, Mildreid and Emmanuel, who both call me 'Chinese Ndiyo' (Relish) as the parents always watch Ong Bak and there aren't many white people here. They also eat a lot of Chinese Cabbage with NShima... The influence of TV on children is real!
The other is our amazing Ward Missionary, Kennedy Chisopa. He is one of the greatest saints I have ever met in my life. He loves the gospel, he is the best missionary I have ever met, and he'll never wear a black badge, whether rain or shine he will always come if we ask. He is a true disciple of Christ.
EF x

Monday, 11 May 2015

Blog post and photos

I'm back, it's Monday, it's around 4 o' clock, and once again, whether or not it's a good thing, it's blog time baby...
This week was still strong, but we had some things happen that meant that it wasn't as powerful as last week. We did a service at a Less-actives house all day Saturday which was hard work, but was so great to meet her again and help her out, as she's an old lady of 23, and is seriously big, so the manual labour saved her the effort...
I also had the chance to speak to my family yesterday which made me really happy, thank you to everyone who has kept them alive whilst I've been gone, I know they are heartbroken every minute of every day thinking that i'm starving or being eaten by a lion, but they were such an inspiration and i'm lucky to have such amazing parents and sisters.
I think that's all this week, but i'll send some photos from the past few weeks that will wet the appetite somewhat,
EF x

"Elvis and Rosaria from last week- 'God blesses families'"

"Me and Lilanda FC- every Monday we go to Matero Girls school ground and play against other teams in a round robin, so far unbeaten..."

"A weird looking girl that looks like she comers from Prometheus, bit a decent photo opportunity arose..."

"Me and Amadi, my recent convert, along with his nephew who wants to be baptised, Owen."

"The rains at our house a few weeks ago... River"

 "Malinga enjoys his water"

Monday, 4 May 2015


This week has been completely and utterly exhausting, I am just so tired. It's hard to even concentrate on doing nothing, let alone trying to email everyone back after my birthday. On that note, thank you to all those who have wished me a Happy Birthday, i'm so humbled and thankful to have so many people who care for me even though i'm so far away, couldn't be happier. I went and spent some time with a lot of my recent converts, Thulani, the Banda family, Vincent and Nora a really special couple we're teaching, and the bathroom after eating way too much food! Grateful for all the stuff people sent and things that are still coming. It was interesting to spend a Birthday in Africa.

Otherwise this week has been one filled with miracles of a huge and small kind:- 

One of the most powerful experiences of mission so far has been the story of Rosaria. She was finally baptised on Sunday after years of preparation and prayers- her parents had previously denied her the chance of choosing to be baptised herself, but since meeting Elvis, a member of the church for 3 years who she married, she was able to receive the courage and strength to 'take the plunge.' I'm so lucky to have been part of this special day for her. But she told us she won't feel complete until she has been sealed to Elvis and their little daughter Tina in the Johannesburg Temple a year from now. A true miracle and a testimony of God's work in Lilanda.

Another miracle was that our iron broke on Sunday, and I hadn't ironed my shirt, came round to putting it on and it was wrinkle free. I now have a testimony that 'Non-Iron' shirts are true. It's a modern day miracle.

I hope you all had a good week too, transfers this weekend, will In stay or will I go? If I stay, i'll be the longest serving missionary in the Lilanda area, being dubbed the Patriarch of Lilanda. Tough times- but we have some amazing people prepared who I want to be with when they get baptised, so i'm seriously torn at the moment.

Take care loved ones, 8 down, 16 to go, time flies when you're having fun,


(Photo to come next week).