Monday, 22 June 2015

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FINALLY!! After countless transfers, countless hours, countless baptisms, and countless nights spent in the worst flat in the mission, it's finally time to leave Lilanda...

...For Elder Shai.

Yep, that's right Brethren and Sisters, a record 6th transfer for Elder Ford in Lilanda, another 6 weeks in the Lilanda Ward, and another 6 weeks with Elder Malinga, that will total us to 6 months together! If I had to stay in Lilanda for another transfer, at least it'll be with Elder Malinga. We've got some 'unfinished business' with a couple of our investigators right now and a charged up Bethel Church football team. Rematch 6th July, could be a serious one...

So, for the week then...

After the baptisms of Owen, Shepherd, George, John and Cathrine, they were all confirmed on Sunday, I was able to confirm George and be part of all of the others, which was memorable and an exciting time to be a missionary in Zambia, as I always say. It's pretty hard to think of new things to say every week, sometimes the work just isn't as exciting as it should be, but that's usually due to hard work and not enough time to mess about... But who said that was true, you can mess about and work hard, right?

Have a wonderful week, more from Lilanda next Monday!

EF x

1). We got a District tee shirt, modeled it against the only tree in our compound, not much greenery in Zambia...

2). Enjoyed a bounteous end of transfer dinner with Fackson Musa Sakala, Ghana boy, at the Muzhingas house. It's becoming a Sunday evening tradition... I don't like traditions unless there's food. 


3). Hammered some pizza courtesy of the clothed chef Malinga- decent effort, but not quite a meat feast...

Me and Sheila from Owen's baptism

 Me, Shepherd and Owen 

 The intensity of rice in Zambia (Unice, Amadi's daughter)

 Front of the District tee, the Dragon District

The Pharisees' Our District tee that we printed.

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