Monday, 29 June 2015

A difficult one...

Another week's flown by in Lilanda, it's been another whirlwind, and a very difficult one for me personally.

Received a phone call Thursday night from the Elders working in my old area in Libala. They explained that one of my recent converts that side died last month, King Silungwe. They didn't give me much information about how or what, just that he was buried last week. Hard times this week, but great to have been part of his coming to Christ so that now he is with his Saviour. Humbling experience, loved him to pieces. 

Other than that another decent week, struggled to find the momentum that we wanted and so didn't quite hit our targets for this week, but we've got the resolve to push on these coming days to re-focus ourselves. Elder Essilfie, the new Elder from Ghana is settling in well. It's not easy for a new missionary, but he's really hit the ground running and is trying his best with Elder Collins.

Sheila and Owen are both doing well, along with Rosaria and all the other recent converts in Lilanda. God is blessing us richly at the moment, even th wather is turning colder.

Quote of the week goes to Elvis Mbewe:- "Ah, June behaves at least, you can still sleep, but July, ah, July is troublesome I tell you! You'll see frost on your top lip believe me..." Struggling to believe that, but may at least feel a bit more like England next month... Hopefully, this is Africa.

God is great,

EF x

"King is on the left - rest in peace buddy, you'll be missed"

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