Monday, 22 December 2014


Here is the link to President and Sister Erickson's blog in Zambia. (Elder Ford's mission president and his wife).

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Here are some of Elder Ford's latest pictures...

"Miracle shop"

He said "hot" was hotter than hot in the UK!!! 


Elder Ford IS receiving his post! But slowly...! So don't worry if you have sent something, it is on its way! 

Just a reminder that the address is:

Elder J Ford
Zambia Lusaka Mission
14038 Katima Mulilo Road
Zambia 10101

1st December

Elder Ford got the opportunity to go back to Libala this week to baptise two investigators that he and Elder Welling had been teaching.

He wrote, "Baptising someone is a spirit I've never felt before, it is powerful and such a blessing to be chosen by them, they were so prepared and ready, I was really chuffed to be there."

Elder Ford said Lilanda proved tough. They white washed the area so he and his companion found it difficult to navigate a completely new area. Lots to adjust to! 

24th November

So Elder Ford wrote on the 24th November to say he was being transferred from Libala to Lillanda. His new companion is from Malawi.