Monday, 24 August 2015

Curry curry curry

Richard- This week we have been teaching Richard, a lad our age, who came to the Church of his own accord. It's the first time since I came on mission- or worked with any kind of missionaries back home- that someone sat us down and told us directly, quoting him, "I've read the Book of Mormon, I've visited your church, I've prayed to God, and I know it's true. When can I be baptised?" We said in the next three weeks, he was interviewed on Sunday and with some clarification on one or two things, next Sunday he'll be a member of the Lord's fold. A true miracle, and I know that he's a blessing for mine and Elder Sager's work.
Thandiwe- Another miracle from this week is Thandiwe, the smartest 12 year old I've seen in Zambia. She's brighter than most 35 year olds, and sensitive to the spirit. She's a part member, Brother and Sister Masaka had been less-active for a long time but have recently come back and desired that we teach their oldest daughter so that she can become a member. We had been teaching her for the past few weeks about praying and receiving an answer. When we met her on Friday, we asked her how her prayers were going. She said that she had seen a dream the previous night in which she had been visited by someone, someone who she didn't recognise, who told her that she had to listen to, "the two white men that were teaching her." She believed that we were the men spoken of, and that she must follow what we say and be baptised. She believed that it was an angel sent by God, and we weren't in the mood to say otherwise. She too will be baptised on Sunday subject to interview.
Sharmas- I promise you (kind of) that this was the miracle of the week. FINALLY the Indian family fed us curry! It was a delight, the best I've eaten in a members house since I came out. Divine stuff, homemade flat bread, Bombay potatoes, and some Ethiopian stuff I can't pronounce. I was also sick that day, but i'm certain that by eating that food, I was cleared out by morning.

'Kobi' the Korean- 
Bit of miscellaneous, for date night this week (President and Sister Erickson have a date night each week, and so for complete obedience to the mission rules, we too have date night), Elder Sagers and I visited this amazing Korean restaurant at East Park Mall, which was just superb. Six English pounds bought me a 'Bimbimbap', pretty much rice with this crazy duck sauce and fermented cabbage that was vindaloo-esque. Really good stuff, and we'll definitely return soon. Pictures to follow next time.
We're going for another curry in the next half an hour, should get some photos, also had a cruise in the truck for the first time this morning, not quite Mystique, but I think Ingrid will work out nicely...

EF x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Good afternoon England! Hope the first week of August finds you well and excited for another jam-packed week of missionary work over here in Lusaka, Zambia. I want you to know the life of a new Zone Leader in Lusaka- there's so much to talk about- so let me run you through the week, hope you've got your handkerchiefs ready for Monday...

Monday- After a long and emotional Sunday, we emailed in the morning after I washed my clothes which took most of the day. To be honest, I was kacking myself, 9 months in Lilanda made it feel like home. Leaving home for the first time is hard enough but leaving again is difficult to explain... But anyways, I then packed my ridiculous amount of stuff (Must've bought tonnes of nonsense in the past year...), said goodbye to the Lilanda Family, and at 10:05pm, got picked up by the Zone Leaders, Mr. Companion, Elder Sagers, and Mr. Ex-Companion, Elder Nakale. We arrived at the new flat hungry and tired, so we had our sleepover with me on the floor to the sound of mosquitoes abusing my skin until the morning. 

Tuesday- Tuesday morning was spent watching Elder Nakale pack his stuff ready to fly home to Namibia. He'd been talking about this day ever since we were companions back in November 2014, but it always seemed like such a distant memory. Now when it was happening, it was a moment of realisation for him, and for me. The last 11 months have flown by at a miraculous rate, it feels like I've achieved very little. Our time here on mission is really short, and I need to get my act together right now. All these thoughts were on my mind, but it's given me another push of motivation, of ambition, and a drive to once again, to do my best in the calling I've been assigned. We then drove him to the mission home to get taken to the Airport by President and Sister Erickson, and then finally, it began. 

The next 24 hours are some of the longest of my life. 'Don't ever ask to be a Zone Leader' said Elder Ringwood in October General Conference, he's absolutely right on that one...

Wednesday- Tuesday night we received the transfer logistics for Elder Knobloch's travel to the Copper belt, which required a 6am bus travel to Kitwe. So on Tuesday night, getting lost driving to Woodlands, we picked up Elder Knobloch and dropped his companion with the district leader in Libala. That morning, at 5am, we awoke and drove him to the Bus Station, an early start to a ridiculously long day. We got home, went through the morning, taught some lessons and then received the news on the incoming new missionaries from the MTC who would be arriving later on in the day on a later flight as their flight was delayed. Long story short, the delay was so long that our whole evening was taken up by us ferrying the new missionaries to their new companions all dotted around Lusaka in Matero, Lilanda (My last companion) and Woodlands. A baptism of fire into the Zone Leader life. The pillow felt good that night. 

Thursday- That morning we received a notice from Sister Erickson that two Elders from the Copperbelt for immigration and a dental appointment, so we quickly flew through our weekly planing and drove straight back to the Bus Station to grab them for their 1 'o' clock appointment. Elder Etiang went to the dentist, and we took Elder Maele with us to teach the wonderful Shama family, having eaten nothing since Wednesday morning. An Indian family from Delhi, they are already my favourite family in Munali, they cook the best Indian grub, I felt like I was back in Leicester again, and they filled us right... That night the Elders slept at our apartment which we nicknamed 'Hotel Bombay.' 

Friday/Saturday/Sunday- Finally, after the mad rush of transfers and immigration, Elder Sagers and I dropped Elder Etiang and Elder Maele with the Office Elders, and were finally able to catch our breaths, and get our heads down into some bread and butter missionary work. we worked like crazy finding some powerful new investigators, one of which is a referral from a recently less-active brother named Brother Nyrienda. The man is Akim, he came into the room and said, "this week I will come to your church." As everyone says that, I challenged him and said, "and then what about every other Sunday for the rest of your life?", and right there and then he committed to come to church forever. 

And he did.

Sunday, on the very front row was Akim, dressed nice and reading the Book of Mormon. I love him so much and know the Lord has touched his heart already. He is a wonderful young man with amazing potential- a true follower of Christ, not just in word, but in action too. I am humbled that I am able to be part of his coming to the Saviour, here's hoping for a wonderful week with him and the others that made our Sunday one to remember.

Next Week- So, this week coming is another monster for us, our Mission Leadership Council begins 11:00am tomorrow. It'll be two days of edification and discussion on the progress and future of the Mission. So excited for it, and i'm lucky I got called straight up when we are having a live one in Lusaka, usually it's done over Web-Ex, but this month is 'special' so it should be unbelievable. We've been preparing all weekend for our maiden-presentation. Should be a good'n. 

So, hopefully you're all filled in on the week, hope you're not too bored and you now see just how full a day in the life of a missionary in the ZLM is! Love you all, and speak more next week.

EF xx

p.s. Photos to come next week hopefully, didn't get a chance for any snaps... Too busy!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Just a quick one for the blog this week:
Basically, I got a transfer this weekend, i'll be staying in Lusaka but will be serving in Munali (Town) with Elder Sagers. My companion, Elder Malinga, will replace me as Distrcit Leader and will be traingin a new missionary. So stoked for him, about time he got to put the skills i've taught him into practise! Jokes aside, he'll do great.
The week went really well, hard to get momentum but were able to see many more miracles. The man with the broken shoe is really progressing although missed church this week due to a 'program at his church.' It's hard to gauge people's seriousness sometimes, but that's the game, we continue to work hard, and have found much more success with Vincent, the man with the deep questions. He asked us once, 'if we are going to be god's someday, then who is God's god? And did he come to Earth before?' Struggled to find a simple answer to that one, but recently he's being much more receptive and wants to be baptised, next task: come to church.
Relishing the chance to serve with Elder Sagers, our exchange a few weeks ago was really fruitful, and so i'll get to continue the day that we had for as long as the Lord wants us together, so stoked. Will miss Lilanda, but the time is right to move on , the people here will always be in my hearts and will miss them dearly. Yesterday was a difficult day at church, feeling a lot of emotion, but as with everything, too much of the same is bad right?
Hoefully i'll have more time to write next week, but for now, enjoy the week, and more about Munali next time!
EF x
1). My family... Emotional to leave them, thought I only had to leave home once...