Monday, 8 June 2015

Shepherd, Owen and George.

Yes everyone,

As you know I'm living in Zambia, a nation where internet coverage, even in the capital city, is shadier than Oakengates on Christmas eve, so today has been a struggle to find a shop that's been working so time is of the essence. 

This week we had the interview of Owen, FINALLY! I love this lad, 15 years old and already wants to serve a mission in the future, what a powerful experience to be a part of and i'm really looking forward to Sunday. 

The other Elders in Lilanda are also baptising a really great family on Sunday too, the Kabwe's. Shepherd and George asked me to baptise them which will be amazing, I love them so much and have spent a lot of time with them, watching their testimonies grow ever since I arrived in Lilanda last year.

Hoping to have a sweet Zone meeting at the Stake Centre tomorrow, and then the rest of the week we should be pushing as we are going to be pushing to baptise Sheila's grandma, Owen's mum, and tonnes of other people this month! The work is tiring and we are always tired, but we are being seriously blessed. 

Love you all, speak better next week,


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