Monday, 27 April 2015

Happy Monday

Happy Monday,
So this week has been another good one, as always, and long may it continue.
Fantastic news, the water and power are now (pretty much) back! So emailing and 'showering' are back to normal and life goes on in Lilanda.
This week we had an unbelievable miracle, someone we've been teaching for close to 6 months, Brother Boyd, finally came to church! It was truly fantastic and he definitely felt the spirit from conference. Also a sister we have been teaching was interviewed for baptism and will be good to go for next Sunday, she is the most prepared candidate i've ever had the privilege of teaching. She's seriously powerful, a true follower of Christ and a special daughter of God.
Conference was just amazing, after a month of waiting, we finally got to hear all the sessions, a particular highlight was the talk given by the Prophet at the end of the Priesthood session, I felt a confirming witness that he is God's chosen servant on Earth and that I can sustain him without question- unlike some others ;) D. Todd Christofferson is always my favourite and there was no change this time either, that man has doctrine, wouldn't mind 30 minutes with him sometime...
This week should be a better one as there should be no distractions, conference and interviews got in the way somewhat last week so i'm excited to have 7 days of undisturbed work to do.
Not much else to report, no crazy spiders or hurricane-esque storms this week, but it was Elder Shai's birthday today and last night we celebrated the only way we knew how... ate a cake and read scriptures. Mission life eh...
Much love, 


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