Monday, 13 April 2015

"the man of the hour, the man of the shower"

Great week this week focusing on finding fathers- the hardest job ever, seriously, but with some success. Been seeing a Pastor this week too, he blasted me for not telling him the exact date the Apostasy happened, but was confounded when I asked him where the person who baptised him got his authority, stumped him that one...

Had Lusaka Leadership Council on Saturday and was able to get some feedback on the missions focus, the successes and failures of the Zone and to come up with solutions on what to change. We decided that as Lusaka is the example, we need to be focusing on people who have their own testimonies, namely self reliant and spiritually driven people, and to better retain our recent converts- both our goals for this coming week.

This week sees the mighty return of 'the man of the hour, the man of the shower' Elder Nakale to Lilanda. It's exchange time again and I'm first in line for the Zone Leaders Iron Fist. Should be a nice reunion but I'm bricking it, he knows me well and will expect a lot, a lot of planning is in order that's for sure... Zone Meeting Tuesday, no surprise call to give instruction yet, I think I'm off the hook this month.

That's pretty much it this week, super tired and don't have too much to report, just hard work and a lot of blessings. Just keep looking up.


p.s. This is Elder Collins he's a strange child.

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