Monday, 20 April 2015

Dodgy times in Zambia

Fords, friends, and fellow sufferers
So this week has been good, strong one, good indicators, but today has been very disappointing- power hasn't been on since the morning, all the way until now, so we only have 20 minutes before we have to be back home to the flat, meaning I can't email everyone, hence this monster.
I am alive, well, and surviving, somehow... this week we were in a combie crash, nearly got our house flooded by the rain, and power's been off-and-on all week. Dodgy times in Zambia. 
Exchanges with Elder Nakale, my previous companion and zone leader, happened on Wednesday which was emotional to say the least... Two months has been a long time, a lot of growing, changing, and responsibility made it a really nice opportunity to express ourselves and remember how hard we worked together. Tears were shed when he left... Good times.
We saw some of the scariest looking spiders at Brother Muzhinga's place on Saturday, gave me the shivers and I don't mind spiders... Also, my best friend from the branch, Musa, got his mission call to Ghana, Cape Coast mission this morning. He'll be a boss- leaves in July. 

Interviews with President on Thursday, going to be nice, will receive some personal support and encouragement, i'm very excited for this one...
Also, me and Elder Malinga bought the nicest drink this week, it's called Vigo, and that's the reason for the smouldering photo... Forgive us.
Love you all, sorry I didn't have time to reply to you all personally, but I was able to read them all- I am so lucky to have beautiful people like you emailing me every week, thanks. 
EF out... 

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