Monday, 23 February 2015


Happy Monday!

I hope your week has been amazing, because mine has been...

The baptisms of Amadi and Angel went really well, and was a really spiritual experience. I was so lucky to be part of their conversion to the gospel and I know that both of them will be powerful members of the church here in Lilanda in the future... Amadi asked me to baptise him and Angel asked me to confirm her so I was even able to be part of the service too. I am grateful for the priesthood authority I have to be able to perform such ordinances for people who are so ready to receive Christ into their lives, I have a testimony of it's power and divinity and the importance of baptism as the gateway to heaven. 

This week I received my new comapanion- Elder Malinga from Swaziland (An area in my previous mission!). He came in on Tuesday night so I spent two days with another Elder who works in the area across from me, Elder Walusimbi, from Uganda. We then spent a day in a tri-comp whilst he waited from his companion to arrive from the MTC. It was funny to be with Elder Walusimbi as we have been in the same zone for 3 months, and we were able to work really hard in establishing my area ready for Elder Malinga to arrive.

Elder Malinga is great, he is 23 and comes from one of the bigger cities in Swaziland. He enjoys music, specifically singing opera, baking and cooking. Now, as you may imagine, he is a little queer, but in a good way, and he has a love for investigators I have never before seen in a missionary. He is one month younger than me on mission so we are similar in experience which is working to our advantage. We have hit the ground running this week and expect the successes to keep on coming. I think he may be my favourite companion so far...

Being Disrict Leader is a new challenge, I am adapting well but am having to rely on the Lord a lot. I have been blessed with a really hard working and obedient District, so my job shouldn't be too hard, but we always need to improve, and that's what my first challenge will be, trying to improve on two bpatisms and a whole load of lessons! It's a hard life sometimes... 

I'm so thankful for all the prayers, letters and packages i've received, I had another mini Christmas this week receiving some packages from early December. I'm so humbled and lucky to have so many people looking out for me, I am truly grateful. 

Take care and God bless, I love you all!


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