Monday, 16 February 2015

Official missionary of Zambia

Brethren and Sisters,

Not too much time this week but have to keep up the blog as I promised.

Transfers is the big story, and soberly I have to report that Elder Nakale and I will no longer be companions. After three months of being together he is finally moving just down the road to Munali, with me staying in Lilanda. He will be a Zone Leader, with me replacing him as the District Leader here, which will be a nice challenge. My new companion's name, as far as i'm aware, is Elder Malinga, from South Africa, and he will be coming in on Wednesday, so i'll be with Elder Walusimbi for two days as he waits for his new son to come from the MTC. Crazy stuff.

I'm pretty sad to be leaving Elder Nakale, he is a top missionary and we had gotten to be good friends, so it'll be tough to leave him, but that's how mission works I guess, we just keep going. He's my Zone Leader too so i'll be seeing him around a lot, especially when I have Baptismal interviews, which should be every week if we can help it!

Other than that, the only other piece of news is that I received a phone call from President Erickson this week letting me know that the Brethren have officially reassigned me to this mission. No more visa worries, Durban is officially a thing of the past. I'm really happy and excited to see how I can help the Lord's work move forward in this part of His vineyard, especially as Lusaka is becoming a Stake in March.

Two baptisms scheduled for next Sunday which i'm really excited about, a brother named Amadi, and a sister named Angel, both have really powerful testimonies and strong desires to follow Jesus Christ. The Lord is really preparing the people of Lilanda, I feel like I am just a conduit of the Lord, we haven't really had to do much, just be there to guide them to the truth. 

That's pretty much it for this week, I hope you all have great weeks, it could be a long one for me, a lot of new things to get used too! Take care and I love you all,

Elder Ford- Official Zambian Missionary

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