Monday, 2 March 2015

"What a mental six months"

Muli Bwanji!

I hope that you have all had great weeks. I hate to repeat myself, but every week in the mission field is a great week! On a scale of Great to Great, this one has been Great. I think the message is received, moving on...

Not too much to report this week, other than rainy season has finally begun, the day can be perfect and sunny when we walk into a lesson, but when we walk out the road that we walked on to get there is now a river. Peak times. Attached is the toilet I used at a members the other day, correct, it's a hole in the ground, correct, people really poo into it, and correct, I used it. Good that I carry toilet paper in my bag eh...

But on a serious note, this week has been a fantastic one, another strong week with a lot of great lessons, investigators and miracles, particularly on Sunday after church. We had two investigators who needed to have Baptism interviews, one of them is the wife to a recent convert of the missionaries that were in Lilanda before me, Melvice Banda. And the other is an investigator who lives with them, Jacob Tembo, a man I have been teaching since day one of me being here in Lilanda. 

The Zone Leaders came to do the interviews and both passed which was exciting, particularly for me. Jacob has been in our weekly planning for three and a half months now, and on more than three or four occasions we planned to drop him because we thought he wasn't progressing, but the Lord always told us to stick it out with him, and now, after so long, he has finally decided to be baptised. I'll be getting wet again because he asked me to baptise him, which is so humbling and will mean a lot to me, I just wish I hadn't had my hair cut, Zambian's can't cut white man hair, fin. 

Other than that not too much else to talk about, the work continues, the Lord is providing great successes as we prepare to become a Stake in two weeks time. That'll be a sweet experience, being in Lusaka when the first Stake is organised in Zambia. That'll happen on the 15th March. First Leadership Training on Friday which should be fun, getting to meet with the Zone Leaders and all of the other District Leaders for the first time. And then our first Zone Meeting as a combined Zone is coming around next week Tuesday, so there's a lot to look forward too in the coming weeks. 

My Companion is doing well, still adjusting to Lilanda life and the riggers of an obedient and powerful District. The Assistants called me this morning (Monday) to congratulate us on the great work we as a district had done last week which was humbling and was a nice reward, we have really been smashing it lately, but I couldn't be doing it without this District. We named ourselves the Dragon District, after the verse in Mosiah 20:11, which is about right for us. Lets hope this run of form continues, especially for the District Conference on the 15th.

Take care everyone, I love you all and again am so grateful for your prayers on behalf of, I am lucky to have such amazing friends and family supporting me. See you in 18!

EF- Dragon District.

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