Monday, 23 March 2015

Robert, Mormon Messages and Transfers

This week was sweet yet again. A lot happened and we saw a lot of miracles...

I finished exchanges with my district this week, bringing Elder Shai to Lilanda North on Saturday. We had a very good day and were able to meet our best family at the moment, the Milisi's. They are a great family, Vincent, the husband, loves the gospel and has a really strong testimony of the restoration and has many experiences of how changing to God has helped him and his family. Him and the wife, Nora, were not doing well before we taught them, but the miracle we saw on Saturday was that they sat next to each other and even embraced a bit whilst we watched Mormon Messages on family. Kinda strange, but a real miracle. The Gospel does bless families.

The other piece of news I have is about a baptism we had yesterday. The other Elders had a man named Robert ready to be baptised, I interviewed him last week and told him to think about who he wanted to baptise him. He came back on Saturday having decided. Previous to the interview I had never taught him, we'd only met him in the street, but he chose me! So yesterday I baptised Elder Collins and Elder Shai's first candidate together, and the first baptism in Lilanda South since the AP's in November. Crazy stuff...

Otherwise we worked hard and had another Successful week. This time next week i'll know if i've been transferred, so interesting times ahead. I've been in Lilanda for nearly 5 months so my time may be up... Excited for another big week ahead! 


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