Monday, 24 August 2015

Curry curry curry

Richard- This week we have been teaching Richard, a lad our age, who came to the Church of his own accord. It's the first time since I came on mission- or worked with any kind of missionaries back home- that someone sat us down and told us directly, quoting him, "I've read the Book of Mormon, I've visited your church, I've prayed to God, and I know it's true. When can I be baptised?" We said in the next three weeks, he was interviewed on Sunday and with some clarification on one or two things, next Sunday he'll be a member of the Lord's fold. A true miracle, and I know that he's a blessing for mine and Elder Sager's work.
Thandiwe- Another miracle from this week is Thandiwe, the smartest 12 year old I've seen in Zambia. She's brighter than most 35 year olds, and sensitive to the spirit. She's a part member, Brother and Sister Masaka had been less-active for a long time but have recently come back and desired that we teach their oldest daughter so that she can become a member. We had been teaching her for the past few weeks about praying and receiving an answer. When we met her on Friday, we asked her how her prayers were going. She said that she had seen a dream the previous night in which she had been visited by someone, someone who she didn't recognise, who told her that she had to listen to, "the two white men that were teaching her." She believed that we were the men spoken of, and that she must follow what we say and be baptised. She believed that it was an angel sent by God, and we weren't in the mood to say otherwise. She too will be baptised on Sunday subject to interview.
Sharmas- I promise you (kind of) that this was the miracle of the week. FINALLY the Indian family fed us curry! It was a delight, the best I've eaten in a members house since I came out. Divine stuff, homemade flat bread, Bombay potatoes, and some Ethiopian stuff I can't pronounce. I was also sick that day, but i'm certain that by eating that food, I was cleared out by morning.

'Kobi' the Korean- 
Bit of miscellaneous, for date night this week (President and Sister Erickson have a date night each week, and so for complete obedience to the mission rules, we too have date night), Elder Sagers and I visited this amazing Korean restaurant at East Park Mall, which was just superb. Six English pounds bought me a 'Bimbimbap', pretty much rice with this crazy duck sauce and fermented cabbage that was vindaloo-esque. Really good stuff, and we'll definitely return soon. Pictures to follow next time.
We're going for another curry in the next half an hour, should get some photos, also had a cruise in the truck for the first time this morning, not quite Mystique, but I think Ingrid will work out nicely...

EF x

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