Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Just a quick one for the blog this week:
Basically, I got a transfer this weekend, i'll be staying in Lusaka but will be serving in Munali (Town) with Elder Sagers. My companion, Elder Malinga, will replace me as Distrcit Leader and will be traingin a new missionary. So stoked for him, about time he got to put the skills i've taught him into practise! Jokes aside, he'll do great.
The week went really well, hard to get momentum but were able to see many more miracles. The man with the broken shoe is really progressing although missed church this week due to a 'program at his church.' It's hard to gauge people's seriousness sometimes, but that's the game, we continue to work hard, and have found much more success with Vincent, the man with the deep questions. He asked us once, 'if we are going to be god's someday, then who is God's god? And did he come to Earth before?' Struggled to find a simple answer to that one, but recently he's being much more receptive and wants to be baptised, next task: come to church.
Relishing the chance to serve with Elder Sagers, our exchange a few weeks ago was really fruitful, and so i'll get to continue the day that we had for as long as the Lord wants us together, so stoked. Will miss Lilanda, but the time is right to move on , the people here will always be in my hearts and will miss them dearly. Yesterday was a difficult day at church, feeling a lot of emotion, but as with everything, too much of the same is bad right?
Hoefully i'll have more time to write next week, but for now, enjoy the week, and more about Munali next time!
EF x
1). My family... Emotional to leave them, thought I only had to leave home once...

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