Monday, 7 September 2015


Greetings loved ones,
Not a lot of time to email today, so i'll just drop an experience and a couple of photos.
Richard- I am just in love with Richard, he is the greatest, faithful, and committed person I think i've ever met in Zambia, and here's why. As he was baptised last week, he knew that he would be confirmed this Sunday. He had recently quit his job as a security guard as he didn't like working the nights, and so had just accepted a job at a local Chinese restaurant. As he negotiated the contract they told him he would have to work from 9-7, and that he would work every day. He obviously realised that that would mean he would miss church on Sunday. Reluctantly, he accepted the offer and went to work. By Friday, he had been dwelling and pondering about the connotations of having to miss church each week, and he knew that he had just last week made covenants to stand as a witness of God, and so he decided, just days after joining, he would quit the job without pay for the 5 shifts he had already worked. He truly knows which way he faces and who he serves. He is a great example to me of someone with faith, true, unquenchable faith ion our Father in Heaven. I was grateful for the opportunity to be the person who confirmed him a member, and as I pronounced on him the gift of the Holy Ghost, I felt Him come into Richard, and as we left church that day, his countenance was different. I know that God blessed Richard with his spirit that day, and as he continues in the church, he will be one of God's choice servants in Zambia.
Sorry I don't have more to write, time is going- but Elder Sagers has been called as the next Assistant to President Erickson so i'll be receiving another companion on Tuesday, this time and Idahoan, Elder Barrett. Potatoes anyone?
EF x