Monday, 26 January 2015

Elections week. Love and prayers from sunny Zambia.

Hi everyone,

I have next to no time this week to add to the blog and last week the power went out at the email shop so I was not able to write.

This week I don't have much time so I will just update you on a few things:

Because of elections we couldn't work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday so we have been significantly disrupted this week- but Thulani got baptised yesterday which was great! That brings my mission total to 8, 4 in Libala and 4 in Lilanda. Not that it's about numbers...

We played basketball with Thulani last P-day, after a lot of shame I was able to score one 'shot'? and we are going to play later today which should be fun. His friends are really interested in the gospel so we're going to use this opportunity to teach them as well! The Lord's hand is in everything.

Saturday was exchanges, Elder Nakale (Our District Leader and my Companion) went with Elder Shai and I brought Elder Collins to my area. It was a really powerful day, although the racism was pretty strong, I guess it's not surprising as two white men were walking down the street together. Elder Collins is a great teacher. Even though he is only 6 weeks older than me on mission, he seems to be leaps and bounds ahead, but I was able to learn a lot from him, which made the exchange that bit more important. We Braai'd (Basically a BBQ) to celebrate the end of the day together which was great, except none of us really know how to get a fire going, even more shame from this week, this is making me look bad...

Other than that, Zambia are about to be knocked out of the AFCON so we could be in for some interesting few days- pray for us, football is almost as important here as it is in the Ford household.

Lots of love and prayers from sunny Zambia,


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