Monday, 12 January 2015

"a true hero..."

Elder Ngendabanka was transferred this week to Malawi, so we have a new Elder in the infamous Matero Flat- Elder Collins. Born and bred Utah boy, we celebrated his arrival the only way we could, a small bonfire and 'testimony meeting'. He is super sweet and I already love him.

We had the baptism of Brother Robbie Chikumbi, a man I love very, very much. He isn't all with it in the mind because of some adolescent decisions he made- as we all do- which effected him long term. He had been attending church for five years as an investigator, neglected by the branch and the missionaries because of his condition, until the new Branch President Mambwe came in a few months ago (A true hero in my eyes). He asked us to teach him and baptise him. And so we did.

Elder Ford - Robbie Chikumbi - Elder Nakale

What a true Saint he is. Only someone who had such a strong testimony would continue coming to church for five years, not knowing that he would ever be baptised, but knowing the truthfulness of the gospel so sticking it out anyway. Such a testimony builder for me. I am honoured to have been part of his baptism. 

Not much else happened this week, the work is tough but so worth it. Lilanda is a challenging area, but we are doing our best to make this area the way the Lord wants it. 

Me and Nakale (Elder Ford's companion) decided to give you a January treat to combat the new years blues, have a great week! EF x

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  1. I've enjoyed reading this Elder Ford and learnt something too. We should all strive to serve and love those around us, in our homes, our communities, pretty much everywhere. And to do that we must be close to God, have Him in our hearts and our minds.