Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Final one.

Just thought i'd write a quick something before I get on tomorrow's flight. Excited to see you all back 'home', I feel like i'm getting ready to go on holiday to be honest...

I know that the Church is true. This has been the greatest experience of my life, and would give anything for another go- maybe in a couple of decades.
All went well last Sunday, and it was the greatest way to end, not to mention we went to the Kapema's for dinner as well. Grace and John are amazing, they are truly prepared and I know they will be confirmed this Sunday and will endure in the faith. They have been truly converted.

All the best till Wednesday,

Elder Jack Ford 

Pic 1 Left to right: Bishop Kapema (Baptised Grace), Grace Phiri, John Kaombe, Akasiwa Wamunyima (John's best friend and will be serving in the Cape Town Mission November 2016)

Pic 2, 'the District': Elder Olsen (California), Brother Jack, Elder Kapande (Zimbabwe), Elder Malinga (Swaziland) 


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