Monday, 20 July 2015

Machoma Bwanji

Machoma Bwanji,

Sabata wakhala chachikulu... Sorry, just thought i'd boast in my Nyanja writing skills- I promise it's easier to speak than to write... or read.

The week has been another great one, which ends the 4th week of the transfer, so we once again begin to look towards the transfer speculation, but that can wait... More about the week.

This week we were able to have exchanges with the Zone Leaders, which was the highlight of the week. I spent the day in Munali with Elder Sagers and we completely smashed it, teaching wonderful fathers, interested people, and some amazingly prepared recent converts. I was able to learn so much and be edified by the strength of my leaders. Grateful for Elder Nakale and Elder Sagers for the work that they do here in Lusaka to make us the best Zone in the mission. 

Crazy scenes in Emmasdale this week- just after a dude was washed up in Lilanda the other day, we saw first hand the mob justice of Africa. A guy in a red pick-up shunted a small people carrier at a set of lights near our flat yesterday night. No one was hurt, it was only a small shunt that sent both the truck and the PC spinning, but in reaction the whole Emmasdale massive came from out of the surrounding bars and clubs and started acting like apes- literally. They jumped on the bonnet of the pick up, jumping up and down so that the driver couldn't pull away, whilst the others smashed the windows in with bottles and started beating the driver and his Bonnie-lass in the passenger seat. They eventually pried the door open and dragged him out, kicking him and beating him until he was blacked-out. The reaction was barbaric to say the least. Zambian's turned suicidal murders, unsettling scenes for sure...

But other than that a great week all round, had Zone Meeting on Tuesday where I present about companionship inventory, went well, obviously. Spent a lot of time working with some of our Recent converts this week in an effort to get them mobilised as Ward Missionaries, should help the missionaries of the future to havbe member present lessons. I'm, also trying to help the ward use their PEC and Ward Council meetings effectively, I feel a calling onto the Bishopric coming if I don't get a transfer this time next week...

That's pretty much it, not much else to report except the nonsense power cuts have left us with no choice but to BBQ every night, getting kind of bored of driy burgers and goat sausages...

EF x

P.S. Brother Musa goes on mission on Thursday to Ghana. I promised him I wouldn't be around to send him off, revelation obviously changes. I'll miss him a lot, he has become a great friend. Till we meet again #laka #muyendebwino xx

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